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The Team

Thank you for visiting! Meet the LegaSee Ventures Team.

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Herb Alexander

No matter the venture, the mission is always to add value for both people and organizations. I believe that every person or organization has the inner potential to leave a positive and impactful legasee. Holding a Masters degree in Strategic Leadership from Roberts Wesleyan College and having 4 years of experience in the work of diversity and equity, it is my passion to help empower anyone who is looking to proudly answer the question - How will you be remembered? 


Monique Bonnett

I am a trained counselor with a strong desire to promote exponential growth in every person I meet. Holding a Masters degree in School Counseling from Roberts Wesleyan College and pending a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northcentral University, I am eager to work with people interested in advancing from good to great. Let's work together to create a Legasee worth remembering!

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