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Our Services

LegaSee Ventures is a comprehensive coaching, training and development entity. We focus on three areas of LegaSee Building:



We inspire young adults to reach their fullest potential. 

Here at LegaSee Ventures we are passionate about the development of the youth.  We seek to provide young adults with the tools to build their LegaSee.


Partnering with LegaSee Ventures for youth development is guaranteed to be transformative. Whether grade school or college, we are ready to help the youth create a lasting Legasee.


Development Workshops 

  • College Readiness 

  • Career Exploration 

  • Self-assessments 

  • Future Planning 

  • Finding your Passion

Youth Development


We empower organizations to reach their highest level of success, by leveraging the benefits of diversity & equity.

As our world becomes more diverse, it is important that every organization has the ability to embrace diversity and provide equitable opportunities for all. In order to build a LegaSee, we must empower others to expand their perspective and reach their highest level of success.

The importance of cultural understanding in our world today is undeniable. If it is a corporation, campus or community – our trainings will ensure you create the LegaSee you want! 

Diversity & Equity Trainings

  • Cultural Competency and Humility 

  • Beating Unconscious Bias 

  • Unpacking Privilege 

  • Dealing with Cultural Conflict

  • Creating a Diverse Workforce 

Diversity & Equity Training


We utilize our skills to aspire and inspire. 


Personal leadership is essential to long term success. The most successful individuals lead by their actions and their words. To truly build a LegaSee, we must use our acquired skills and create the path for others to follow.
Leadership is foundational when creating a LegaSee. We offer group sessions and individualized coaching. 
Group Coaching Session


  • Self-assessments

  • Problem Solving Techniques

  • Active Goal Setting 

  • Relationship Building 

  • Action Oriented

Individual Coaching


  • Vision and Aspirations 

  • Self-assessments

  • Personal Discovery 

  • Active Goal Setting  

  • Fostering Healthy Habits

  • Practicing Daily Disciplines  

Personal Development

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